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Irresistible to What Jan is Baking

  1. Guilt-free Snacking
    How many times have you felt guilty after snacking a pack of chips or a bar of chocolate when there is a craving? Our Munchies will never let you feel guilty for snacking, in fact, you will want to snack on because of all the nutritious tree nuts and dried fruits that goes into our Florentine and Trail Mix Series. Say hello to Guilt-free snacking today!
  2. Energy Booster
    Nothing can be done well when you are trying to fight hunger while finishing off that final task/call/meeting before going for a proper meal. A hungry man is an incompetent man. Our snacks can give you the fullness and the energy required to perform at your optimal before rewarding yourself a well earned meal. Never go starving again!
  3. Nutritious Bites
    Every piece of our Munchies contains vital nutrients such as proteins, dietary fiber, Omega 3/6/9 and many more! You can be assured that healthy snacking is totally possible with Jan is Baking. Every bite fills you with love and passion that we vowed to bake the best and unique snack, satisfying you one bite at a time.
  4. Great for Sharing
    Snacks always taste better when it's shared!

Flagship Collections

Premium Florentine Series

Florentine was once popular, especially during Chinese New Year but hardly to be seen these days. Today, the best Florentine in Singapore can be found only at Jan Is Baking.

Baked with passion and love for the treat, we added a twist in flavour to the already satisfying Original Florentine making it even better and ADDICTIVE in a good way!

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Premium Trail Mix Series

Trail Mix is a combination of goodness coming from premium nuts and dried fruits that packs nutritions. These bakes are creation that satisfy only the gourmet.

Our Award Winning Tartlets vowed by Kiss92 and Violet Oon proved that bake bites such as Tarts can be astonishingly palatable with the right concoction.

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