Jan Is Baking; a humble home-based bakery that started out as a favourite pastime activity for the consumption of family and friends.
When Chinese New Year 2021 drew near, we were craving for some hearty and aromatic Florentine.
Then it occurred to us that it is hardly available despite it being a highly sought after snack!
With the desire to taste it again, we decided to have some fun baking it and shared the goodness with our family and friends.
Our Florentine quickly gained popularity amongst our loved one for being hearty, aromatic,
addictive yet healthy.
After much affirmation, we decided to sell our Florentine, and it turned out to be a big hit.
Today, we are continuously looking for ways to expand our sale of Florentines and we are venturing into the uncommon and exquisite bakes.
All to bring to you the highly desired snack.
Simply addictive baked for you!