$14.80 SGD


Queen of Tarts 2022: Most Loved Tart

Mixture of premium nuts and dried fruits. Baked to a perfect fragrance with crunchiness and chewiness. The best bite you can ever ask for!


    • Almonds

    • Hazel Nuts

    • Cashew

    • Raisins

    • Cranberries


Bake-to-order only

Weight: 260g

Size(cm): 10x10



Queen of Tarts 2022: Most Loved Tart

Now in FUN SIZE!

Awarded together by Kiss92 & Violet Oon, our Trail Mix Tartlets have gained massive acknowledgement by the professional taste buds. The ultimate snack that can go with literally any occasion and situation.

Hungry after a great workout? - Grab the guilt-free tartlets

Back to back meeting? - Grab the energy giving tartlets

Catching up on drama series? - Grab the irresistible tartlets

Sharing the best stuff with friends? - Send them a bunch of tartlets

Quality Snack for Quality YOU

Crunchy butter fragrance crust filled with honey coated premium nuts (Almonds, Hazel Nuts, Cashew) and dried fruits (Raisins, Cranberries) giving you a burst in texture and flavor upon the very first bite. Truly a proud creation to give you the best tart in Singapore!